About the Research

These are all of the books I’ve read to better inform my analysis of Atlas Shrugged. They are excellent companion pieces to Atlas, and without exception more directly relevant to reality than Atlas. Click the cover or title to buy the book at Amazon.

The Money Men — H.W. Brands
America’s money, and monetary policy, from the Revolution all the way to the Fed.

The Metaphysical Club — Louis Menand
The story of American philosophy from the Civil War through the Gilded Age and into the Progressive Era.

Keynes Hayek — Nicholas Wapshott
The history of today’s economic debate as told through the personal stories of the two men who started it.

Republic, Lost — Lawrence Lessig
An excellent explanation of how modern lobbying and campaign finance work, and how those workings corrupt Congress even when nobody in Congress thinks of themselves as corrupted.

The Benefit and The Burden — Bruce Bartlett
All the in’s and out’s of the U.S. tax system and potential tax reforms.

The Race for What’s Left — Michael T. Klare
Exploring the future of resource scarcity from fossil fuels to food to rare earth metals.

Before the Lights Go Out — Maggie Koerth-Baker
A practical, even-handed guide to the challenges and opportunities involved in modernizing America’s energy infrastructure.

Consent of the Networked — Rebecca MacKinnon
Details the complicated relationship between the internet, the state, the economy, and freedom.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma — Michael Pollan
A seminal work and the perfect demonstration of tensions between industrial capitalism and libertarian individualism, viewed through the lens of food and farming.

Free Market Fairness — John Tomasi
A political philosopher outlines an ideological middle ground between liberalism and libertarianism.

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