Applied Randology #6: So Ayn Rand is Mitt Romney’s VP

I already discussed Paul Ryan in an overly verbose post here, but for anybody who stumbles across the blog today because he just won the Veepstakes, here’s a few bullet points:

Good luck explaining this lady to the middle class, Paul. Psyched to see you try.

*Paul Ryan is an extremely competent, charismatic politician who knows the in’s and out’s of budget policy inside and out.

*Paul Ryan’s greatest influence is Ayn Rand. He gives out copies of Atlas Shrugged to his staff.

*Atlas Shrugged is an inspiring story with an overt ideological agenda about rich people who embrace economic apocalypse and the collapse of society so that they don’t have to worry about the middle class anymore.

More thoughts to come next week, when I discuss why Ayn Rand’s militant atheism and conservative Christian fundamentalism actually go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

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